About Us

We have formed Organise. Act. Change. in the belief that there needs to be more support for community groups, charities and the social sector in general.

Our team is hands on and enthusiastic about giving our communities the power to achieve their goals.

Wether this is just advice on navigating the bureaucracy of setting up a group, conducting research and engagement activities or starting bigger ticket campaigns, we have the experience and knowledge to go on this journey with you.

We are passionate about people, and nobody knows what a community needs better than the community itself. For years there has been too much of a top down approach to communities and we are here to change that. We will work with you, but most importantly we take our lead from you, we just use our experience as community campaigners to help you in bringing your community together and making real lasting change. 

We can also advise larger corporations on their Corporate social responsibility, to match that up with a cause that is closer to their community or company ethos.

Our Process ...

1. Meeting

We always think it's best to meet face to face, that way we can discuss what you want and what we can do for you.

We then get to understand what your cause is and what your aims are and how we can help. We need to understand the community that you wish to support and look at whether those aims match with your own.

Everyone is different so we want to be flexible in our approach to build a strategy that will help you succeed. 

2. Quote

We'll write a free proposal and quote detailing what you’ve asked for and how we intend to deliver it.

The proposal will clearly define the delivery stages and the costs involved, and in some cases we can help with funding bids to support your campaign or group and include our costs in this. At this point we will also let you know if we think your aim is achievable, we don't want to waste anyone's time.

Our core aim is to empower you and achieve a campaign win, not just to make our profits. 

3. Development

We'll apply all our knowledge, experience and creativity to develop the campaign, start the research and community/third sector engagement.

We will keep you updated at every stage of the strategy and look at any key pivot points in the campaign. Things can change and our team has the capacity and flexibility to be proactive and look for potential issues before they arise.

4. Completion

This can happen at different stages depending on the type of campaign you are running or the cause you wish to support/highlight.

We will always be clear about when our involvement will end, and provide full briefings so that the work can be continued and sustainable in future.